Modern & Secure Server Management based on SDDC

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In this training, you learn how to deploy, configure, and operate Windows Server in both an isolated fabric as well as in a regular enterprise environment, covering almost every role, but focusing on the most common use cases for Windows Server. You will learn how to deploy these roles, using various methods, like regular OSD for physical machines and virtual machines, but also using PowerShell and Desired State Configuration to push out configuration. This will be covered for on-premise, Cloud and Hybrid solutions.

But it also needs to be secure! Therefore you will learn how to configure and administer the solutions using MFA, Privileged Access Management, Privileged Access Workstations, Secure Admin Workstations, Administrative Tiering, Defender for endpoint, automatic patching, Secure service account configuration for all systems and much more.

Class overview

You will learn best and common practices to build and manage a ransomware and cyberattack resistant environment. During the training you will build a fabric, implement administrative tiering and isolation to best prevent cyberattacks, and in case of a disaster, make sure it is built so that you can recover fast and easily.

We all know that security is extremely important, so in this class you will learn how to correctly configure authentication silos for your important administrative accounts, as well as deploy and configure privileged access workstation, to ensure that your administrative credentials are not spread around.

System Center could be used to help you manage parts of the environment, so you will learn how to use both the important parts from the system center suit, but also to connect to azure in a correct way, to establish a cloud presence and get the hybrid configuration correct!

During the week you will build and configure a close to perfect modern infrastructure, with parts on-premises and parts in the cloud. The class fits regardless of if you are working with Hyper-V, VMware or have everything running on physical hardware, it even fits if you run everything in the cloud.



300 (Advanced)


You will receive an education Certificate after graduation.

Who should attend?

Architects, IT pros, technical managers, and administrators who want to learn how to build, deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure, as well as hybrid and cloud-based infrastructure. 

Prerequisite knowledge 

Microsoft infrastructure experience for on-premises and basic knowledge around networking, identity, security, PowerShell, Windows Server, and Windows Client 


This training is designed to give you knowledge and understanding of Windows Server, System Center, Azure IaaS, correctly configured and secure enough to protect against cyber-attacks and ransomware.  [PL1] 


Student lab manual and sample scripts

Lead Instructor

Mikael Nystrom

Hands on Labs

Over 60 percent of the time you spend in class is dedicated to hands-on labs and exercises, based on self-perceived real-life scenarios and methods verified to work in production environments. And the best part, you get access to all the sample files and scripts, including a solution that will build up the complete lab environment when you return home from the training.

About product versions

You always run the labs on the latest (working) version of the software in the lab.