Mastering Windows 10 Management – From Legacy to Modern

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The challenge with Windows 10 is that it can be both legacy and modern at the same time. You need to master both worlds, at the same time, and use the same set of tools.  

In this lab you will learn how to master them both, you will learn how to build a rock solid OS Deployment solution for Windows 10 using ConfigMgr, MDT, PowerShell from experts in the field, but you will also learn how to master the new ways, like Windows Autopilot, MDM and Intune. Also, how to connect them into a working hybrid solution and how to start your cloud transition journey. You will learn when the old methods are best and when the new method is better suited.  

Class Overview

In this training, you learn to deploy and manage enterprise clients using both on-premises and cloud solutions. Those solutions include Microsoft Endpoint Manager CM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune, co-management, and Active Directory. You get a thorough walk-through of ConfigMgr and Intune, as well as a deep technical drill down into the Windows 10 platform. You learn everything that’s related to client management.  

Leading client management experts develop this training, and it’s based on real-life experiences from more than 40 years of working with client management in variously sized organizations. The training always uses the latest version of Windows clients, servers, and system management components.  


300 (Advanced)


You will receive an Education Certificate after graduation. 

Who should attend?

IT pros and administrators who want to learn how to manage an enterprise environment using modern tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager CM, Intune, and co-management.

Prerequisites knowledge

Basic understanding of Active Directory and software distribution using ConfigMgr 2012 or ConfigMgr CB. Scripting experience (VBScript, PowerShell) is helpful but not a requirement.


After this training, you will be able to manage and maintain an enterprise environment with a mobile workforce using modern solutions based on Microsoft Endpoint Manager CM, Intune and co-management.


Student lab manual and sample scripts.

Lead Instructors

Peter Löfgren
Simon Binder

Hands on Labs

Over 60 percent of the time you spend in class is dedicated to hands-on labs and exercises, based on self-perceived real-life scenarios and methods verified to work in production environments. And the best part, you get access to all the sample files and scripts, including a solution that will build up the complete lab environment when you return home from the training. 

About product versions

You always run the labs on the latest (working) version of the software in the lab. 

Class outline

Module 1 – Windows 10 technical drilldown 

Support for new hardware 
Editions and licensing/activation 
Productivity enhancements 
Security enhancements 
User interface changes 
Hyper-V enhancements 

Module 2 – Planning for Windows as a Service 

  • OU structure and Group Policy strategy 
  • Naming conventions and structure 
  • Assessment and readiness, MAPs/ACT 
  • Desktop Analytics 

Module 3 – Remote management 

  • Remote PowerShell 
  • Remote Assistance/Quick Assist 
  • User Account Control 

Module 4 – Enterprise security 

  • Credential Guard 
  • AppLocker 
  • LAPS 
  • BitLocker 
  • Windows Information Protection 
  • Conditional Access 
  • Windows Defender 

Module 5 – Patch management 

  • Windows Server Update Services 
  • Windows Update for Business 
  • Intune 
  • ConfigMgr w. WSUS

Module 6 – Managing user settings 

  • Roaming profiles 
  • UE-V 
  • Enterprise roaming 

Module 7 – Managing user data 

  • OneDrive 
  • Folder redirection 
  • Work Folders
  • Home Folders

Module 8 – Application deployment

  • Application packaging 
  • Using wrappers 
  • App-V 
  • MSIX incl AppAttach

Module 9 – Customizing Windows 10 

  • Start menu layout 
  • Consumer experience 
  • File associations 

Module 10 – Browsers 

  • Enterprise mode 
  • Modern browsers 

Module 11 – Client Health 

  • Health attestation 
  • Reliability Monitor 
  • ConfigMgr compliance items 
  • Microsoft Diagnostics and recovery toolkit 

Module 12 – Provisioning and management

  • Windows Configuration Designer 
  • Autopilot
  • Co-management & Cloud-Management Gateway

Module 13 – Mobile devices and non-Microsoft clients  

  • Provisioning and deployment  
  • Management
  • WVD and Virtual Desktops

Module 14 – Reporting  

  • ConfigMgr reporting on steroids   
  • CMPivot
  • Intune reporting