What is Microsoft 365? 
– A deep dive With Stephen Rose, Microsoft

Microsoft 365 lets individuals, teams and organizations be productive from anywhere, on any device, securely. In this session we will deep dive into the produces and features that make up the Windows, Office and Security features in Microsoft 365.

We are pleased to have the Microsoft marketer, storyteller and evangelist Stephen Rose as guest speaker at the Geek Week in Chicago. Since 2009 Stephen has led IT pro product marketing for a wide variety of products at Microsoft including Windows, Surface, Office 365 and OneDrive. He now sits in the marketing and storytelling for the Microsoft 365 team which brings his career full circle. Stephen holds over 20 technical certifications and been certified since Windows NT 4.0 and (sadly) still remembers what an IRQ is.  It is also possible that Stephen may be the last living member of the Columbia House Record and Tape club. Stephen is guesting Geek Week US

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Fabio Viggiani explains the class cybersecurity attacks and defenses!

New Guest speaker, Deployment guru Johan Arwidmark to Geek Week!

Johan Arwidmark, Windows deployment and ConfigMgr guru

We are pleased to have the Windows deployment and ConfigMgr guru of all time Johan Arwidmark as guest speaker at the Geek Week in Chicago. Johan is well known across the globe for his experience in all things client management and in particular in the field of Windows deployment. He is a sought after speaker at all major events and we are happy to have him for a full day at the Geek Week. An excellent opportunity to rub shoulder with one of the industry giants.

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Hasain Alshakarti explains the concept of Geek Week!

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PowerShell enables organizations and administrators to fully configure almost everything

” I think every admin working with PowerShell has that one folder on their desktop, labeled β€œStuff”. That folder is stuffed with scripts.”

Join Jordan Benzing’s class during Geek Week and dig deep into “using PowerShell every day!“.

Read Jordan Benzing blog post:

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