The Geek Week Concept


The Geek Week Concept

The idea is simple: five days with a full focus on new technology, unlimited access to experts, and plenty of time to spend with other geeks.


Full focus on new technology from dawn to dusk

Geek Week is a week dedicated to digging into the latest and greatest, with plenty of time to spend with other IT pros and learn, laugh and have fun!


These five days are jam-packed with hands-on labs and practical exercises based on real-world scenarios, and instructors who are leading experts in the field. You are in for many surprises – it’s a promise.


Unlimited access to leading experts

In addition to hanging out with other geeks, you have continuous access to some of the world’s most experienced and sought-after IT experts and their important insights.


For this Geek Week, they are combining their many years of experience to teach you everything you need to know, sharing their experiences, know-how, and tips & tricks.


All inclusive

The Geek Week is an all-inclusive event: five nights in a single room, plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beverages and snacks are available at breakouts.


A very geeky week unlike anything you’ve ever experienced

Based on your interest and profession, you choose which of the Geek Weeks – that take place at the same venue at the same time – is best for you. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you a very geeky week.



Read more about the individual Geek Week trainings here: Geek Week Trainings



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